Friday, 3 October 2008

HAI BOEY SEAFOOD (revisit) @ Gertak Sanggul, Penang

Location and map, please refer to here.

Live Ang Chor

Ice Ambra

This kailan is really nice. The kailan stalk is very crunchy. lol
Tom Yam Butter Flower Crab
As what the waitress says...... there will be no tom yam and butter taste after cooked. And the aroma is very good. It is not spicy at all.
Beancurd with vegetables
The beancurd is very nice.

Claypot Fish (Ang Chor)
Wow...... this is a must ~ Claypot fish. You can choose the types of fish you like. Today, we choose Ang Chor. And the taste........ yummy!!!!
We went there many times but this is the first time we order this claypot fish. lol As each time we failed to order it until today. And you will see most tables order this dish.

Steamed Bitter Gourd with meat
This is recommend by the waitress. And if you like bitter gourd then you will like it.
Overall...... the foods are very nice. The dinner cost us MYR91.60 (including 4 rice + drinks).
Followings are some of the scenary views from HAI BOEY SEAFOOD:


gill gill said...

wah...what a coinsident! we posted the same eatery place at the same day!

Food Paradise said...

gill gill - yes surprise to know that we blog the same eatery place on the same day. And also order one of the same dish. lol If you blog early then I will try their desserts. lol

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