Saturday, 11 October 2008


While I am doing some house chore at home. My phone ring. And It's hubby. He asked us to get ready in few minutes as he is going to pick us up and went to town to fix his spectacles. lol So I quickly get ready and went off. On the way back, hubby asked aunt to stop by at this stall and buy some prawn fritters, bean curd (tau kua), spring roll and loh bak.
Guess what????? Off course I did not bring along my camera in a hurry. So hubby and I use our hand phone to take photos. lol 
I asked my hubby how he know this place, he told me he read Criz blog yesterday night. lol
So if you need any direction, please refer to Criz blog. :P


Deep fried TAU KUA

Loh Bak


Pawn fritters, tau kua, loh bak and spring roll
Actually we bought a lots from the stall but on the way home, we already started eating inside the car. lol So, from the photos there are the only left overs. lol

Chillies sauce
I purposely left some as I want to taste the chillies sauce. And the chillies sauce is a bit spicy for me and sour too. I think they put lime or lemon in there. lol We love it.
Well..... the gal that serves us is very nice looking and cute. And she is very friendly. lol Actually when she starts cutting the loh bak for us, my hubby is already starting eating there.
Overall.... their foods is not bad. Eat it while it is hot. That's make it more perfect.
Oh yes..... they open everyday from 8am to 6pm.


New Kid on the Blog said...

handphone picture also took it very nice wor!!!! am impress leh! :)

Food Paradise said...

new kid on the blog - the one at home is taken by camera. And the one at the stall is by hand phone. lol

gill gill said...

the stall picture also nice leh.

indeed need to eat it freshly. coz when criz brought me to this loh bak stall, i already saw 2 gals seating there biting the fritters! unfortunately i didnt taste it when it still fresh.

the loh bak is abit too sweet to my liking. i think the prawn fritter is nicer.

Food Paradise said...

gill gill - wow.... really??? thanks for the picture comments leh. lol
Yes i think you have to eat the prawn fritter straight after you bought it. lol
For the loh bak, I still cannot find the best one yet as the best one I ever tested is make by my hubby cousins god dad. lol If i have the chance to eat that again, i will certainly blog about that. lol

Christy said...

I found this place too~ Just yesterday:)
Didn't try anything though coz had our dinner.
By the way, your phone takes really good pictures;)

Food Paradise said...

Christy - Thanks for your comments. lol If you bought that yesterday then we might be doing the same reviews of food. lol

gill gill said...

i would recommend the Loh Bak at Ho Ping Kopitiam, opp the kayu nasi kandar, in penang road. last time it used to be the best, but i cant gurantee now, the standard has been dropped recently. you may find your

get to know more, pls read from my blog,

Food Paradise said...

gill gill - ok, thanks for your recommendation.

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