Saturday, 11 October 2008

Batu Maung Seafood Village

Location: Batu Maung, Penang.
The restaurant is situated on the same road as CHAI SEAFOOD and BOON SENG SEAFOOD RESTAURANT.


Cooking area and sitting place
They also have air condition room available. But it is very small. Only few tables.

Old Cucumber spare ribs soup
The soup is very nice and the spare ribs is very tender.

Stir fry french beans with dried shrimp
It has a nice aroma due to the dried shrimp and it taste nice.

Stir fry lala with spring onion

Steam Prawn with egg
My gal comments on this photos when I download to my PC.
"Mum, why took the picture of the prawn bum bum?", asked gal
"hahahaha....... I also have no idea. Should ask daddy.", replied mum
The prawn is very fresh and it taste nice even thugh it is just an ordinary dishes.
Overall..... their foods is not bad but a bit salty. lol And the price is very reasonable.
And guess what?????
My gal guess the total bill is MYR40 and it turn out to be MYR39.80 (she is very good in guessing lol) Off course it includes 2 rice + 2 drinks.


allenooi said...

never try this restaurant before. RM39.80 is consider cheap. maybe can try it in the near future.

Food Paradise said...

allenooi- yes, it consider cheap especially with the steam prawn. lol

New Kid on the Blog said...

the steam prawns looks very good.

Food Paradise said...

new kid on the blog - it indeed very good. Yummy as it is fresh. lol

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