Sunday, 5 October 2008

Cream Puffs & Chicken Tarts

After we visited Annabelle's place we went to Sg. Kelian to buy some cream puffs and chicken tarts. The stall is located in front of Chew City Cafe. We did not managed to get apple tarts this time as it was sold out. lol So today I am going blog about:

Cream Puffs

Inside of cream puffs
The cream puff is very nice. The cream does not taste very sweet. It is just perfect. lol
Mini Chicken Tarts

Interior of Mini Chicken Tart
Well.... I found the tart very cute. And it is nice that they do it so mini. lol So you don't feel too full if you consume one or two during tea time. There are so many ingredients inside the chicken tart too. Such as chicken, peas, carrots.......


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