Friday, 10 October 2008

QIU Seafood take away again!!!!

Another take away from QIU seafood for dinner. We order

Pork Porridge
Hubby comments that the pork porridge is nice compare to the fish porridge. lol

Crab Porridge
This is my order as the lady boss told me that their crab porridge is "VERY DELICIOUS". So I give it a try. Well.....this is the first time I had crab porridge. So I need to go and get another crab porridge from other outlets to compare don't I. lol Anyway...... the porridge is very sweet which came from the crab. And the crab is fresh. But have to be extra careful with the crab shell since some of the small parts of crab shell is inside with the porridge. Luckily my gal doesn't ask for it. If not I have to scoop little by little and check for the crab shell. lol


gill gill said...

can you show the direction of this QIU QIU?

Food Paradise said...

gill gill - sorry ah... typo mistake should be Qiu seafood. I already put a map in my previous post.
Direction - after u pass SRJK (C) Chong cheng, your left hand side will be the mosque, go straight, then turn right on the 2nd traffic lights. (You will find SRJK sg. Ara is on your left)Immediately after you turn from traffic lights, turn left. (you will see shoplots)Qiu seafood is in your left. (opposite of a nasi kandar shops)
Can you understand? Let me know if you can't. lol
Oh yes if you know in desaria where people get their kad pengalan done? Qiu seafood share the same row of shoplots.

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