Saturday, 4 October 2008


This is our second visits to this restaurant. Previously, we try their fish steamboat.
Chinese tea pot collections
Shark Fins and Ginseng collections
Seating area and paying counter

Views from the restaurant
Fruit Pickle
Four Hot and Cold Plate
Overall ...... their hot and cold plates is not bad. A bit salty in one of the dish. lol

Sweet Corn with Crab Meat Soup
We order this because of our gal. But end up she doesn't like the taste. lol However, it is ok for us. But not the best.
Stir Fry spring Onion with Vension
It is a very normal dish. Nothing to comment. The vension is quite tender.
Stir fry asparagus and brocolli
Suppose we order asparagus only. But later the waitress came and tell us that the asparagus is not enough so ask whether they can cook with brocolli. lol Some of the asparagus is too old.
Deep Fried Ice-Cream
Deep fried Ice-Cream ~ Yam Flavour
Deep Fried Ice-Cream ~ Strawberry Flavour
We order 2 types of deep ice-cream to try. My gal and I prefer the yam ice-cream but my sis loves the strawberry flavour. lol
Overall..... the food is ok. But I prefer their fish steamboat. lol Guess how much does this meal cost? The answer is MYR99.95
If you want a quiet environment to dine. This is a good place. As we went there twice and the first time only got 2 tables and today only us. lol So it's like we reserve the whole restaurants by ourselves. lol


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