Monday, 20 October 2008

Sungai Ara Restaurant

Went to dinner on saturday night @ Sungai Ara Restaurant. They formally known as Qiu Seafood Restaurant. We went there for chu char. (still operates by the same owner)

We did not know that the shop change it's name until my gal told us. lol And when we went there actually it is their opening. No wonder there are lot of customers.

Interior of Sungai Ara Restaurant

Beancurd with dried shrimp ~MYR8
Their beancurd is not bad. Very nice aroma of dried shrimp.

Rice wine chicken ~ MYR26
We order this. At first we thought it is beer chicken. But it turn out to be rice wine chicken. When you opened the aluminium foil, the wine aroma is very strong. But we found the soup is too salty. lol and nothing special for me.
Actually we ate 2 rice wine chicken. 2???? yes...... the 1st one it is not cooked properly. (under cooked) So we asked them to cook for us again.
After we almost finished our dinner, hubby asked about our chicken, then came our rice wine chicken and out of surprise, they cooked a whole new one for us. lol

Steamed grouper ~MYR24
Well... their grouper is fresh and taste ok.

Stir fry french beans with garlic ~ MYR8
Overall their foods is just ok. This is the first time we dine in there. Usually we just take away. lol


CRIZ LAI said...

Aiks... if dine in is so so means takeaway would not be as good. Well, the pricing are still ok though. Will pop in one of these days after the raining spell :P

Food Paradise said...

Criz - I take away very simple stuff. such as marmite chicken and spare ribs rice. And both taste better than the dine in dish we order. lol

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