Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Blog about this Japanese restaurant b4. For location, please refer here. I just noticed that I only do one post about this restaurants b4. We been to this restaurant ever since they start operating. We used to love their foods very much but quite dissapointed with the dinner below:


Interior of Ichyo
After you were seated they serves you 
Onion with deep fried fish
The taste is very sour...... lol if you like sour foods.... then you might loves this.


Chicken set

This sushi is not bad but forgot what is the actual name already. lol


Garlic Rice

Unagi Set
This is off course my gal order. Should name her Miss unagi. lol Anyway..... I think the sauce is different compare to previously. Look @ the color..... it is dark black. This is same to the chicken too. We found out that it does not taste as good as use to be. lol


New Kid on the Blog said...

the unagi kinda dark hor?? and lots of sauce too. :)

Food Paradise said...

NKOTB - yes.... the unagi is very dark in color.

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