Tuesday, 7 October 2008

KIM GARY Restaurant

Went to Gurney shopping today and sis never try KIM GARY b4. So we brought her to try it out.

Ice Lemon
Ice Ying Yong (Coffee + Tea)
Cream soup from baked seafood rice set

Baked Seafood Rice Set
Zoom version of Baked seafood rice set
This is sis order. And she says that it tastes nice.
Dessert - Jelly from baked seafood rice set
Tomatoes Soup
I like this soup but my gal doesn't like it. lol So I finished it.

This is my gal order and forgot what is the name of this set. And she loves it. She finished almost everything but let us try the chicken wings and also the deep fried fish. The chicken wings are not bad and sis comments that the fish is not bad too.
Da Da Da Da...... this is my order. Spicy noodles soup. Actually not really spicy for me and i think the texture of the noodles is too soft. In my memory I think few years back it tastes nicer but now..... very dissapointed. lol

This come with the spicy noodles soup. Tatse just so-so.
Overall...... the total bill is MYR57.15
Now KIM GARY got promotion with their card. You need to pay MYR15 for the card (which is for lifetime) and immediately you sign up, they will give you MYR5 coupon. And furthermore, during your birthday month, you can get 50% on all your foods you order. You can bring along your friends of 5 + you to entitle the 50%. (It does not have to be the actual date of your birthday. It can be either one week early/after your birthday to entitle the discounts)
So for those who loves KIM GARY, should go and sign up today. lol


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