Thursday, 30 October 2008


Location: Grd Flr No.26, Queensbay Mall, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 6455872
We went out for dinner few days ago and since I was in a hurry I forgot to bring along the camera. At first we went to check out some restaurants next to QBM. But hubby does not feel like having any foods from there. So I recall that hubby make a comments few months back that the food @ MACEDOINE looks nice. So we went to........


Set Menu

After browsing the menu, we decided to take their set dinner as it is very cheap. Where you can Soup + Drink + Main course for just RM13.80++ and RM14.80++

Hot Chocolate
This is extra order for my gal and she says that the hot chocolate is nice.

Crystanethum Drink ~ Our drinks

Mushroom Soup
After we placed our order, immediately we were served with mushroom soup. We were impressed with their nice presentation of the soup.  And we try the soup which is not bad. So we were hoping that the main course won't disappoint us. lol

100% Drum Wheat Flour Spaghetti
Hubby order came first. B4 he started eating, both my gal and hubby already told me that it has a very strong Parmesan cheese aroma. lol After hubby tried, he asked our gal to try as she loves spaghetti too. Immediately after she try..... she comments that it taste not good. Then I suggest to hubby that I swap with him. He can have my Charbroiled Macedoine Mix Grill.

Charbroiled Macedoine Mix Grill
After few minutes, mix grill arrived. And the presentation is nice. And they start dig in. They start with the sausage and gal say is ok. Follow by the chicken and they comments so-so and the lamb is too hard to bite. Overall.... I think their food is towards fusion type.
We did not finished both of the main course and we asked for the bill. The waitress came over and asked hubby what he thinks about the food. lol Hubby just comments the drinks is a bit too sweet for him. Then we pay and left. :P
I told hubby perhaps that their special is the fisherman's basket. Actually we asked for recommendation from the waitress and she recommends the above foods for us. She also suggest fisherman's basket to us but since it is deep fried, we did not order that.


New Kid on the Blog said...

i went to this place the other day.. took pic from my handphone... since it's not nice, so dont bother to share too. :)

Food Paradise said...

nkotb- hey you should shares with me. If I saw your blog then I can avoid. lol

cariso said...

We went there when it was having promo. Set lunch is kinda OK but serving size is rather small that time.

Food Paradise said...

Cariso - lucky that you got to savour a good lunches there. lol

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