Thursday, 16 October 2008

Afternoon Snack Part II

I blog about this place b4. Please refer to here for the location and map. Been to this shop quite often when we decide to get something to eat after lunch hours. lol
They offer varities of foods - such as steam tapoica, mee rebus, steam red bean kuih, ku chai strip, steam banana kuih, tom yam bee hoon, loh bak, kuih ko sui and........ But everyday different menu. 
Today I want to introduce their

Prawn fritters
I bought this once for Melb uncle to try it and he comments that it is fabulous and it is even better than the malays stall prawn fritters. lol My gal loves it. Actually, I think she loves the prawns. lol It is a bit bigger than the usual stall. It cost MYR1 per pc. And it is only available on Wednesday only. And if you want to try it out, I recommend that you better go there around 2pm. If not you might be dissapointed as it will sold out pretty fast. lol 
But I am lucky yesterday as I arrive there around 3pm and I still managed to get some.

Char Siew Puff
Well.... since I saw people bought this and only left few. So I decided to try it out. When I ate the puff, it is still warm. But I think it is a little too sweet for me. lol 


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