Sunday, 12 October 2008

Hokkien Mee

Location: Jalan Johor, Penang.

Hokkien Mee
Well.... I never try the food there b4. But it seems that every stall also full of customers. lol That's why make hubby to go back again after our meals at SIN TAI TUNG. Hubby asking me if I want to try their LOK-LOK. As it is a crowd there. My gal is eager to try but I am too full. So hubby also did not try. lol But hubby and my gal say they want to go back and try their lok lok one day. But...... I am worried about the environment for my gal .lol 
Anyway.... hubby take away hokkien mee. And he make a right choice. The soup has a very nice aroma. My gal get to try too and she loves it and asking for more and more. lol 


Christy said...

This is near the Padang Brown...I've noticed them but not sure whether it's clean enough...haha, I am really sensitive:)
I haven't even seen the bloggers talk about this place...hehe, you won the first spot....I am noting down on Hokkien Mee;)

Food Paradise said...

Christy - yes that's the place I think. You go and find it out yourself about the cleanliness. lol Everyone perspective of clenliness different lol and for me I am worry about my gal. lol So I only let her taste some of my hokkien mee only. lol

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