Saturday, 25 October 2008


Location: 38 Armenian Street, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 2618935
Business Hours and Main entrance of EDELWEISS
Interior of EDELWEISS
Tower Clock Movement
This tower clock movement was removed from a church near Regensburg, Germany. And EDELWEISS bought it in 2005. 
Interesting lights

Photo left: Look @ this, it is a light make out of bottles!!!!


Mushroom Soup ~RM11
We were told that the mushroom soup is cook for 8 hours. lol So we order one to try it out. The soup is very thick. And got some mushroom chunk in there and a lots of herbs. Taste vice is just ok for me. lol It is serve with two pieces of baked french loaf with butter.
It is just a simple garden salads. And we request for more tomatoes as my gal loves tomatoes very much. And it is serve with 2pcs of garlic bread and thousand islands. I did not quite like their garlic bread as I prefer the garlic bread that has lots of herbs and garlic aroma. lol
B-52 ~ RM29.50
My hubby had this as it is recommended by the waiter there. When we saw the sausage, everybody said - "wow! it is very big". lol We were told that the sausage is make from pork. And the texture is very nice and taste nice as well. It is serves with salads and lot of french fries.
Smoke Pork Belly ~RM24
Da Da Da Da........ This is off course my order and also recommended by the waiter. lol Hubby tried this b4 and he told me is nice. 
Well....... I can't believe that I can finished the pork belly. Did you see the fats from the pork belly? Normally..... I will cut the fats out. But today I finished everything. (This might cause me to put on weight lol) Usually when you consume fatty stuff, you will feel full after few slices. But this smoke pork belly will not give you that kind of feelings. lol

I was told by the waitress to try the sauce (I think is mustard sauce) to go with the smoke pork belly. And it taste nice. The one on the far left. The other two sauces are tomato and chillies sauce.

Chocolate Sponge Cake ~RM7
We were told that today cakes is chocolate sponge cake. So we order one to try it out as hubby say that their apple flan is very nice. But unfortunately today they only bake chocolate sponge cake. 
I found that the sponge cake is too sweet. I did not quite enjoy it but my gal loves it. It taste better if you go with the fresh creams.

Payment time!!! Finally, it came to be bill time. I found that the bill tray is very interesting. So I took few shots of that b4 making the payment. lol
Overall.... the foods is not bad and I like the environment. It is very quiet and nice. Furthermore, I like their hospitality very much. They are so attentive to all their customers.
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ck lam said...

That pork belly is always a favourite for most customers...its been a while since I last had it... time for another visit.

cariso said...

Ya, I noticed that bill tray too! You really can EAT! :)

Food Paradise said...

Ck lam - yes, I was told that pork belly is one of the popular dishes.
Cariso - oh know..... that's mean I should cut down my eating habit huh! lol :P The bill tray is very interesting.

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