Thursday, 9 October 2008


Location: 1-1-22 Krystal Point 2, Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Tel: 04-6438064


Interior of Jade Blossom Restaurant
Today is our gal birthday but since hubby is not feeling well + we have free RM50 cash voucher from Jade Blossom, we decide to go there for a quick dinner. Actually my gal wish is to go to other place for celebration. lol But hubby promised to bring her there when he is feeling better.
However when I told her that we going to Jade Blossom for dinner, she is happy. As since her 2nd birthday, she celebrates her birthday there every year except for last year. She loves this restaurant very much but gal and I did not visited this place since CNY.

RM50 cash voucher from Jade Blossom

After you are seated, they will serve you deep fried bean curd with cucumber and chillies sauce. I did not managed to capture the photos earlier as busy reading the menu. After we had done the order I found out that they almost finished this already. lol

This is today special daily soup ~ red bean, spare ribs and fang guat soup
The taste is very nice.

Shark's Fin Soup
da....da....da....da....... the most expensive dish for the night is this ~ Shark's Fin Soup. Basically inside the soup, there are shark 's fin, crab meat, prawn and the bottom layer is egg white.
The taste is ok.

Scallop with lily bud, fresh mushroom and celery
Order this for my gal as she loves the scallop. We used to tell her the scallop is fish ball when she is small. lol and she loves the celery too.

Basil claypot chicken
well..... it got nice basil aroma but hubby commented that some of the chicken got very strong smell. lol

Steam bean curd with minced pork
Actually I love this dish. It is a very simple dish but I think it is the best dish for the night. lol The bean curd is very smooth and yummy. And it cost just MYR12.

Red Bean with dumpling ~MYR5
Well.... this is my hubby favourite desserts. Each time when he want desserts from this restaurant, he will usually order this. lol. The dumpling is black sesame flavour.

Mango Sago ~ MYR5
This is off course my order. lol When you take one spoon of this sago into your mouth, you will feel how refreshing it is. But a bit sweet. lol
Overall.... what can I say...... this is my hubby and gal favourite restaurant. But hubby and I think that their food is not as great as use to be anymore. Furthermore, I think they recruit too many inexperience waiter and waitress.
My last visit review can be seen here , here and here. lol


PenangTuaPui said...

Jade Blossom place... had been there last year (before become blogger) for farewell lunch....

I like the environment....

btw... your photo is nice... well done

Food Paradise said...

penangtuapui - yes, the environment is nice. My hubby loves it very much when he first visit. lol
Thank you for your comments on my photos. Very happy

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