Sunday, 26 October 2008

Kafe Bamboo

After lunch, we went to shop around new world park. As during weekends there are few stalls selling some art & crafts, t-shirts, hair pins........ and more in new world park. They set up their stall just nearby to Old Town Cafe. After that we left after some shopping. And we decided to go food hunting lol. As hubby and I just share a set lunch in BBQ chicken restaurant.
We intend to go to Batu Lanchang Market to grab something to eat since it is around 3.30pm. Then we drove pass Jelutong and hubby recall that near Jelutong market there are lots of good foods there. He used to go there at night after a badminton games with his colleagues. 
So we parked our cars and head to Kafe Bamboo as we saw many customers there. 
Bee Hoon Th'ng Stall
We decided to try their bee hoon thn'g and also porridge.

Bee Hoon Thn'g

Both the bee hoon thn'g and porridge is very nice and lots of ingredients - meat ball, minced meat, many varieties of pig spare parts (kidney, liver........) and sprinkle with lots of spring onion, fresh coriander and deep fried garlic. Dash of white pepper too.
We enjoy our foods and I noticed that there are stall selling prawn fritters, loh bak, tau kua....... and more. And it looks very tasty. Another stall that I will like to try is the Mee Rebus and Mee Goreng. We were sitting next to the Mee rebus and Mee goreng stall, the customers came non-stop just to take away their foods. Hubby asked me to take away but I refused as I want to try it on the spot as sometime when you take away. The textures will be different. lol Anyone try this Mee Rebus and Mee Rebus goreng b4? Let me know. 


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