Sunday, 12 October 2008

Restoran Sin Tai Tung

Please refer here for the location and review from my previous posts.
It's around 3pm and we feel hungry. So we thought of getting some tibits/snacks to eat. So hubby suggesting to go Jalan Johor. So we went there but no parking and also full of people. So we went off and we passed by SIN TAI TUNG and saw some people are having meals there. So we stop and go and get

Char Tua Pan RM7 for two person
Hubby and I decide to get char tua pan as from our previous visit we saw people order this. lol and the taste is not bad.
Fried Rice
Since my gal don't like Char Tua Pan, hubby order her fried rice. Look simple right? But it taste not bad. But a bit oily. lol and this cost RM4


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