Saturday, 25 October 2008

Restoran Quan Zhou

Since MIL came for a visit today, hubby brought us for lunch @ Sg. Pinang for hokkien foods.
Location: Jalan Sungai Pinang, Penang. (Next to Perodua)
Many different kinds of sauce
Bak Kee Soup
Since it is hokkien foods, off course we need to order bak kee soup to try it out. And since MIL loves the bak kee @ Nanyang Chinese Cuisine, we should let her try the bak kee @ Quan Zhou too. As I think both are totally different. lol
The pork is very soft. But for the soup, we personally think that not many peoples will take it as it had a very strong aroma. lol

Bean curd with vegetables and prawn
Simple dish but yet it taste nice and not salty at all.
Deep Fried Prawn
Yummy......... very crunchy.......and the prawn is very fresh.

Fried Mee Sua
"Seaweed" Chien
I always ate "O" Chien and this is the first time I ate "Seaweed" Chien. And it taste very nice as we loves seaweed. Have you try it b4? If you have not try it, I will recommended you to try this out.
Fried Tang Hoon
It taste not bad but a bit too oily for us.

Green Curry Chicken and Vegetables
Usually you will taste the green curry @ Thai Restaurant but this restaurant also sells great green curry. It has a very nice aroma and spicy too (for me). lol


cariso said...

The green curry is a MUST order for my family but not the bak kee soup loh, too watery lah. :)

Food Paradise said...

Cariso - wow.... that's mean we order the right dishes ~ green curry. lol

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