Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Jade Blossom Restaurant S/B (Our Christmas Dinner)

Location: 1-1-22 Krystal Point 2, Bayan lepas, Penang.
Old Cucumber with Spare Ribs Soup
EE Fu Noodles with Brinjal and Pork Mince
Duck with Mango and Lemon
Scallop with Lili Bud, Celery, Mushroom and Snow Peas
Salad Chicken
Red Bean with Dumpling
We decided not to cook this year as hubby feel tired. So this year is chinese christmas. hahhahahhaahaa We went to Jade Blosoom to have dinner and it's my treat.
Overall, Jade Blossom food is awesome. Actually this is hubby and my gal favourite restaurant. We use to go there very often but not this year. hahhahahahaaa.....
All the above food we try b4 except the EE Fu noodles with Brinjal and Pork Mince. It taste alright a bit spicy only. Quite special. If you love mango and duck, the above duck with mango and lemon is fabulous. Oh yeah, regina love the salad chicken. She almost finish it all. We just get to try 2 pieces each. hahahhahahah..........
Hubby favourite dessert - Red Bean with dumpling. If he want dessert, he will always order that. It is very nice.


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