Saturday, 8 December 2007

Koay Tiaw Thn'g

Location: Lebuh Kimberly, Penang

Koay Tiaw Thn'g

Bee Chai Bak Thn'g

Bee Hoon Thn'g

Vegetables with Oyster Sauce

Braise Chicken Feet with Mushroom
Well, we been to this road site stall for many many times but b4 that i did not do any food blog so i did not take photo of the foods and drinks. You have to go early to avoid dissapointment. As they usually pack with peoples. Unless you willing to wait. hahhahahah......
The special about this stall is they have fresh vegetables......., braised chicken feet with mushroom...., duck meat slice......., duck leg......... and anything to do with duck they have. It is very delicious. Yummy!!!!! and i loves the Teh there. Not too thick as it normally did in Penang. It is just nice!


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