Monday, 31 December 2007


Location: Queensbay Mall, Penang.
Interior of Bakerzin
Their Dessert Tapas offers variety choices from a range of petite servings. I choose
Chocolate & caramel ice cream with hazelnut rice crispies
Well, hubby love this........hubby say something special. He reckon you have to take some chocolate and some caramel ice cream together then it taste GOOD! (But Sweet)
Raspberry panna cotta
Well...... I love this..... Don't know why recently I love yougurt taste..... this is rasberry with yougurt. It taste FABULOUS!!!!!!
Strawberry chocolate fondue
Basically it is strawberry with chocolate. Well, my gal loves this. She finished it. We only have the chance to taste once.

Coeur Noir - layers of dark chocolate mousse and sacher sponge, with brandy cherries and hazelnut dacquoise at the base.
This is nice...... chew had the middle of the cake it fill with brandy cherries.
Warm Chocolate Cake
Wow..... this is their popular desserts. It really taste good. Once you cut the cake, the hot chocolate will flow out. On top of the cake is vanila ice-cream. Below of the cake is a slice of orange. You must go with little bit of everything. Then it taste FABULOUS!!!!!!!
Hot Chocolate
This is my gal favourite "I LOVE YOU" hot chocolate. She ask me to mention it in the blog. As it got heart shape on top of the hot chocolate.
I told my gal I also had a heart shape. hahhahahha..... Cappuccino is ok. Not Bad!!!!


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