Friday, 14 December 2007

Parkroyal Buffet Dinner

Location: Parkroyal Hotel, Penang.
Stir Fried Chinese Baby Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce
Stir Fried Fresh Tiger Prawn with Curry Leave and Garlic Butter
Chinese Fried Rice
Stir Fried Hong Kong Noodles with Seafood
Braised Lamb with Spices and Lime Leaf
Hams, Crab Stick and Sashimi
Fresh Salmon
Pan Fried Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce
Chicken Lasagna
Mango Pudding
Hubby is having annual dinner @ Parkroyal Hotel - Buffet Style. Above are some of the dishes offer tonight in the ballroom. Hubby say the tiger prawn is "NICE", he highly recommend the braised lamb with species and lime leaf and pan fried salmon is not bad too! Other's is just SO - SO. Desserts hmm...... very sweet for mango pudding and cakes are ok and some not nice.


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