Saturday, 15 December 2007

Hock Lye Seafood Village

Location: 130A, Jalan C. Y. Choy, Bridge Street Foreshore,
10300 Penang.
Tel: 04 - 2627524

It is perfectly done. And dip with the sweet chilli sauce. Yummy!!!!!

Kappa Soup
This is the 1st time we try the Kappa Soup. It is very sweet and nice.

Stir Fried Fresh Top Shell with Spring Onion
The top shell is very soft. I think if go with dried chilli would be better but my gal can't eat spicy food. :)

Stir Fried Kai Lan

Baked Crab
Overall the food is quite GOOD. Love the soup, the Kailan is nicely cook and the prawn is fabulous. Baked crab hmm........ not the best in town.


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