Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Shing Khaeng Aun Restaurant

Location: 2 Lorong Chulia, Penang.
This restaurant open many years ago. Hubby grandpa always bring mum in law, aunties and uncles there. They serve Hainamese food.
Today we order
Seaweed Soup with Fish Ball, Pork Mince and Spring Onion
Well, the soup is ok and quite normal.
Pork Liver with Soya Sauce
I love this!!!!! They also serve pork with soya sauce which is nice too!
Prawn Omelette
This is the 1st time we order this 4 my gal and she loves it and it taste good although it is a simple dish.
Pork Chop
Also the 1st time we order. Hmm..... not bad but not recommended.
If you go this restaurant, order their curry fish. You will see most of the people order that. And taste good. We did not order today since hubby and gal did not take spicy food so we did not order.


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