Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Yee Sun Kai Chok @ Cintra Street, Penang

Hubby and I have been wanted to try out the Cintra Street Yee Sin Kai Chok for quite sometime. But since my gal don't like porridge since baby, we did not have the chance to try it out. Not until one night when my gal was too full to consume anything since she had a late afternoon tea that day. So we have the opportunity to savour the hot pipping Yee Sun Lai Chok.
This stall operate quite late. When we arrived there about 8pm, we just saw the stall owner busy preparing the ingredients and just about to start operation. I heard and saw many floggers blog about this place before and heard many rumours about the stall owner attitude. And I am quite worry about it too. As I am the one went there to order. hahahhaha..... my heart was just pounding......pounding very fast when I am walking towards the stall....... ^-^
Out of surprise, I did not get scolded. I just do my order and run...... ^-^ All I know is to place your order and don't repeat your order again unless she asked you. As she did not reply me when I make my order. I assume that she got what I meant. I think she will get annoyed if you keep repeating your order as what the other customer did in front of me. ^-^
I ordered Chicken porridge, Yee Sun porridge and also a plate of pak cham kai.

Chicken Porridge
I opt for the chicken porridge as hubby go for Yee Sun porridge. My bowl of chicken porridge has a very nice aroma. And I can't wait to try it after I finished snapping the photos. Inside the porridge there are some thinly sliced ginger and also chicken chunks. Apart from that there are also some sprinkle of spring onion, lettuce, you tiaw and pepper. I found that they are too generous in sprinkle pepper in my bowl of chicken porridge.
The chicken porridge taste nice even without the pepper itself. ^-^

Yee Sun Porridge
Hubby opts for yee sun porridge (fish porridge). Hubby commented that the fish is very fresh and the porridge is rich in flavour.

Pak Cham Kai
Hubby is the fans of pak cham kai. And every where he went and saw this dish, he will usually order it and try. Hubby and my gal complained to me that I should order a big served of pak cham kai for them. lol As they enjoyed it very much.
My gal cannot stop having the pak cham kai once she first tested the first bite of it. As it is very tender and succulent. My gal hate to bite something very hard and this suits her taste buds. I think she is the one who finished this plate of pak cham kai. Hubby and I make fun of her where she told us that she not going to take anything there. And she gave us a mischievous smile. ^-^

Just before we left the shop, I quickly snapped a photo to show you the stall along the road side. It is very easy to locate if they operate. As some time they have some rest. We been there for few times last year after the 1st visit and found that was not open perhaps the stall owner went for holiday. ^-^


New Kid on the Blog said...

Uh? Got attitude problem one ah??
But yet still have many people visiting the stall.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

NKOTB - Actually evrybody have it's attitude. And perhap thats their attitude. I am ok with it as she did not scold me. ^-^ The Pak Cham Kai is very nice. Guess that's why there are many patrons and be there early if you wanna try it out as you need to wait for quite sometime. ^-^

♥peachkins♥ said...

I love porridge even if the weather is really hot..

blowing peachkisses
The Peach Kitchen
peach and things

taufulou said...

this stall punya chuk very nice 1 loh..i love the fish chuk!

hApPy HappY said...

this is definitely my kind of food..the chicken the ginger on it and the porridge. would want to try it if given a chance.

Becklee said...

The chicken porridge looks delicious especially the chicken.

Anonymous said...

I love the porridge here..its so smooth. But the stall is not open for the past few weeks

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

peachkins - you must be porridge queen. ^-^

taufulou - yes.... very nice. ^-^

hApPy HaPpy - Yes try this in your next trip here. ^-

Becklee - Yes... the chicken is a must order item. ^-^

Iris - Yes.... I noticed that when I passed by. Not sure why. ^-^ Thanks for dropping by. ^-^

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