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Invited Review - Demax Restaurant @ D'Piazza Mall, Penang

This is actually a late post since I am busy for the past few months and do not have time to upload the pictures. Since recently I have more time, I decided to blog about this first since this review was done end of February, 2010.
Few days ago, I passed by D' Piazza Mall and realised that there are more restaurant compare to late February, 2010. But I still have no chance to try out any of those restaurant yet. However, I am going to review
Demax Restaurant
Location: No. 27 Jalan Mahsuri,
11900 Bayan Baru, Penang, Penang.
Business Hour: 10.30am to 2.30pm, 6.00pm to10.00pm
Interior of Demax Restaurant (Ground Floor)
Interior of Demax Restaurant @ Level 1
Interior setting @ Level 1
Comfortable Couch @ Level 1
Let me started by sharing with you the beverages that we had tested for the night first:
Ice Blended Smoothies Blackcurrant (RM4.50) & Ice Blended Smoothies Mango (RM4.50)

Ice Blended Smoothies Milo (RM4.50) & 滄 海 一 香 Shandy + Champagne + Sea coconut (RM5.90)
I have tried several smoothies in the past and I found that the smoothies serve here are just average but something caught my eyes were the Shandy , Champagne and Sea Coconut. I found that the proportion of the shandy and champagne are not handle well. I found that the shandy covered the champagne taste. But the colour of the drink looks nice.
Detox health drink 排 毒 健 康 飲 品 (Carrot, cucumber, apple, beetroot, celery) RM5.90 & Fresh Lemon Honey Drink (RM3.50)
They also offer some detox health drink. You can try it out if you need some detox. The drink is quite refreshing. The fresh Lemon honey drink is also very refreshing.

Special Fried Rice 霸 王 炒 飯 (RM12.00)
This is one of their popular special fried rice. I quite enjoy this plate of fried rice. As the fried rice got it's "wok hei". Although there are not much ingredients in it. However, I found that the price is a bit too steep. It is for 2 person share.

Tom yam Noodles (RM5.80)
If you like tom yam and you couldn't handle spiciness, this might be one of your choice as the tom yam is not spicy at all. It is rather on the sweet side. However, I like some spicy and sourness on my tom yam.

Seafood Noodle 海 鮮 清 湯 麵 (RM6.50)
If you like something light, perhaps you can try their seafood noodle.
Oyster Noodle (RM5.80)
Are you fans of oyster noodles? Here, they also serve some oyster noodles.

Lime Steamed Siakap 酸 柑 蒸 石 甲 (RM28)
Want some "chu char"? Here, you also can enjoy "chu char". We try some of the foods such as lime steamed siakap. It is quite an appetising dish. As it is something spicy and sour.

Salad Chicken (Small RM8.00, Large RM16.00)
Care for some salad chicken? Well, the chicken does not look appetising, it's look rather dull. But when we saw the photos on the shop, it's different story. So I think they should maintain their consistency.

Curry Sotong (RM8.00)
Curry Sotong are not bad. As I love curry very much. But I prefer bigger sotong in my curry. ^-^
Special Tofu 招 牌 豆 腐 (Small RM8.00 / Medium RM10.00 / Large RM12.00)
This is one of the dishes I found that is not bad. But I think for those who hate the "Shaoxing" wine would not like it as I think they have put a bit too much of that in the dish. But I enjoy that. ^-^
Ice Sour Plum Pork Rib 冰 梅 骨 (Small RM8.50)
The looks of this dish are nice. But I found it rather sweet than sour. Perhaps they should put more sour plum in there. But like the textures of the pork rib.
Thai Style Chicken 泰 式 雞 (Medium RM14.00)
This dish is not too bad. If they can fry the chicken till golden brown, it would be better. The textures of the chicken are not bad.
Apart from all that, they also have some special set lunch:
Set Lunch : Big Bowl Rice 大碗飯 (Including Rice + Soup of the day + Drink + Fruit) RM11.90 nett.
Drink's choice are Yin Yong Milk Tea, Soya Milk or Lemon Tea.
Sample Lunch Photos

(a) Special Fried Fish (Sa Bee Hu) 三味魚.

(b) Sweet & Sour Chicken
c) Kong Pou Pork
Overall, I find that they have some space for improvement. The good news to dine in this place is there are no government tax nor service charge.
I would like to thank Mr. Tonny and Cariso for the invitation.


SimpleGirl said...

food looks quite "home cooked" style...but the fried rice so pricey....

♥peachkins♥ said...

such a lovely resto and yummy food too!

blowing peachkisses
The Peach Kitchen
peach and things

tigerfish said...

So what made the fried rice so special? Any special ingredient was used?

taufulou said...

looks like a nice place to dine in especialyl for a drink..

but for food with that kind of price, might stop me from going there~

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

SimpleGirl - yes..... "home - cooked" style. Yes, the fried rice a bit pricey. ^-^

peachkins - ^-^

tigerfish - actually the ingredients are simple ingredients but it has it "wok hei" there. That's make the fried rice special. ^-^

taufulou - hahhahahah...... ^-^

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