Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Thirty Two Mansion @ Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang

First of all, I would like to wish every reader, friend and family, “Happy Valentine’s Day”. I think by now, you should already make up plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I just browsed through my picture folder and wonder what should I blog next? Then I came to the folder of Thirty Two Mansion. So I decided to blog about this today.
It’s our annual lunch for my company. And we came out with lots of suggestions. But at the end many vote for executive set lunch @
Thirty Two Mansion
32, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050, Penang
Tel : 604-2622232
Email : 32mansion@gmail.com
I never been to Thirty Two Mansion before, but I heard and saw many reviews about this place. And it’s indeed has a nice and cozy environment.
Interior of Thirty Two Mansion
Table settings
For the start of the day, we start with the warm bun
Cold butter
Next…… we had the soup of the day
The soup was nice. Not too rich or too blunt. Just perfect for the start of our lunch.
Follow by the choice of the main course:
Braised whole lamb shank with parsley spaghetti
I get to try some of the foods from my colleague as we share among each other. This is one of my favorite among others. The lamb shank is very soft and tender. I would recommend this for you to try if you love lamb shank.

Panseared salmon filet with honey & ginger, pickled cucumber and ponzu butter
The salmon is nice. I love the outer part of the salmon. As it is slightly pan grilled. And the amount of the fish is just perfect. Love the way their mashed potatoes and pickled cucumber were prepared. It blends so well with the dish.

Chicken & Mushroom pie (min 20mins wait)
Vienna blackpepper chicken bratwurst with sauté onion & rosemary sauce
Vegetarian spaghetti “aglio olio” (spicy or non-spicy)
Side Dish
6 spice marinated bbq chicken with buttered rice
Poached roulade of chicken with tiger prawn stuffing, gorgonzola sauce

This dish is very special. The tiger prawn is wrapped inside poached chicken. It goes well with the sauce prepared. However, some parts of the chicken are a bit hard. If it can be tender it would be superb.
Dessert of the day
This is our dessert of the day and follows with either tea or coffee.
Overall, Thirty Two Mansion is a nice place for catch up with friends or any business dealing. Love their cozy environment and also their superb service to us.
Following were the executive set lunch offer by Thirty Two Mansion at the moment:

Executive set lunch
soup of the day or mesclun salad with spicy lemongrass vinaigrette
e { f
choice of mains

rm 30

6 spice marinated bbq chicken with buttered rice
chargrilled rosemary chicken with blackpepper sauce
char-grilled lamb chops with rosemary sauce
crab laksa lemak
vietnamese “pho” beef noodles soup
vegetarian spaghetti “aglio olio” (spicy or non-spicy)
vegetarian spaghetti ‘arabiatta’ (spicy or non-spicy)
beef casserole in pot pie (min 20mins wait)
lasagne “al forno” (min 20mins wait)

rm 34

chicken & mushroom pie (min 20mins wait)
tagliatelle with smoked duck, cream & basil
vienna blackpepper chicken bratwurst with sauté onion & rosemary sauce
baked filet of fish with pesto (min 20mins wait)
moroccan lamb sausage with light curry cream sauce
fish & chips

rm 40

panseared salmon filet with honey & ginger, pickled cucumber and ponzu butter
braised whole lamb shank with parsley spaghetti
poached roulade of chicken with tiger prawn stuffing, gorgonzola sauce
brochette of marinated chicken & peppers, mushroom sauce

rm 45

crispy cod stack with olive & capers salsa
duck confit with glazed apples & rosemary infused jus
rolled lamb loin with glazed apple, mango chutney sauce
nz sirloin with crispy garlic flakes, black pepper sauce & wasabi shoyu dip
e { f
dessert of the day
e { f
coffee or tea
(prices quoted are subject to 10% service charge & relevant government tax)


New Kid on the Blog said...

Happy Belated V-day!!
Their lamb shank is their signature!!

Ken said...

food certainly looked good, awesome shots too, but the price looks a bit steep to me

The Yum List said...

Yummy! Looks like you got to try lots of dishes from the menu. Seems to be a good range.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

New Kid on the Blog - Yesm indeed!
Ken - Thanks!
The Yum List - We went in a group, that's why we get the chance to try out most of the dishes.

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