Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Cowboy Street Cafe @ corner of Lebuh Victoria and Gat Lebuh Armenian, Penang.

During one of the outing with hubby, we stopped by Cowboy Street Cafe for breakfast. We noticed this cafe for few times when we passed by Lebuh Victoria. There are lot of shops opening around in Penang for the past few months and years.
The banner actually attracted me few weeks ago. Not many shops around in Penang selling Foochow Red Rice Wine Mee Sua. Some stalls do sell it but after a while either they have moved or they stop operating.
After we arrived at the shop, we were given a menu. After flip through it. We decide to choose the one with the recommendation. Well, guess that's the best way to try. They do serve some western foods as well.
Following were what we have chosen for the day:
Bee Hoon Thn'g with Home Made Fish Ball
This came first. Hubby had this. From the look it does not seems appealing to me though. So I'm waiting for hubby reaction. Hahhaahah...... Then he commented that it is not bad. It's like the home cook style bee hoon th'ng. He told me it is actually like the way that his granny cooked him when he still young. 
The fish ball is a bit different. Some of the hand made fish balls that we tried in some stalls are a bit too soft. This shop, the fish ball texture is quite ok.

Foochow Red Rice Wine Mee Sua
Hmm...... I waited for quite some time for this to be served. This shop do sell mee hoon and noodles to go with the red rice wine if you are not fancy with the mee sua. I chose mee sua as I personally think that is the traditional way to have the red rice wine mee sua. Hahhaha............ 
When I first saw the mee sua...... I told hubby..... oh no..... it's look very soft! As personally I am not fans of mee sua. I do take it though. Fortunately...... it looks soft but was perfectly done. This bowl of red wice wine mee sua consisted of two big chicken breast. I have to give one to hubby. And it also consisted of the home made fish ball as well. The red rice wine was nice....... and rich in aroma. 
Lor Bak
From the menu, it also had lor bak and guang chiang. We decided to give lor bak a try. Hubby like the lor bak but as for me, it's just ok. So you should know who ate most of this? >.<
Oh ya..... I quite enjoy the hot tea at the shop!
Shop Name: Cowboy Street Cafe
Address: corner of Lebuh Victoria and Gat Lebuh Armenian, Penang.


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