Saturday, 26 December 2015

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan at Balik Pulau, Penang - Part 1

After the great Christmas dinner get together with my friend and family. We woke up late this morning. So we went to grab a quick bite at Georgetown area and doing some errands. After that hubby decided to visit Balik Pulau for a leisure walk around.

Balik Pulau Tau Fu Fah

First stop, we stopped by the famous tau fu fah stall which already moved into the car park area. (They were suppose operate on the main road - Jalan Balik Pulau.) You can park your car here if you were lucky to get some car park. Normally it's quite easy to get one but with a long weekend holiday + school holiday, you have to try on your luck! 
Balik Pulau Tau Fu Fah
 Tau Fu Fah Stall
Balik Pulau Tau Fu Fah

Balik Pulau Tau Fu Fah
 Tau Fu Fah
It's a very hot day today at Balik Pulau but this does not stop me for having this hot tau fu fah. I am having this just standing beside the stall. You can opt for soya bean drink or others as well.
It's been quite a long time that I did not had a nice and rich aroma of tau fu fah. This stall is considering having quite smooth tau fu fah with the gula melaka syrup.

Balik Pulau Art Mural 1

Balik Pulau Mural Art
Wrinkled old Fisherman mending nets  by Julia Volchkova 
You can take a photo of this mural after a nice bowl of tau fu fah as it is painted on the sidewall of the pre-war shop house. 


Nan Guang Balik Pulau Laksa
Nan Guang
Nan Guang Balik Pulau Nutmeg
Ice Nutmeg with sour plum - RM2/glass
This is one of the famous drinks - ice nutmeg with sour plum. Give it a try if you are nutmeg person. 
Nan Guang Balik Pulau Laksa
 Laksa - RM3.50
Normally, most of the patrons that came to this shop will opt for their laksa.
Balik Pulau Yong Tao Foo
 Ipoh Yong Tao Foo - RM3
Now you can order other food than laksa. Hubby went to order this Ipoh Yong Tao Foo located in front of the shop on the main road of Jalan Balik Pulau.
Balik Pulau Cuttlefish Kang Kong
Kang Kung Cuttlefish - RM10
This stall is located at the car park area. This kang kong cuttlefish is fully loaded with the peanuts. Cuttlefish texture is just right. Not too soft.

Balik Pulau Mural Art 2

If you drive furthermore up towards Scared Heart High School, you will find the following mural on your left:
Balik Pulau Mural Art
The Silversmith by Ernest Zacharevic


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