Wednesday, 20 July 2016

THE BARN @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

During one of our visits to Gurney Plaza, we decided to try out "THE BARN" which it is located at GP-170-G-43. Contact number: 04-2290967.
We have total of six persons dine in during our visit. After we browsing through the menu, all of my guests and hubby knew what to order except me. So I ask for some suggestion from the waiter and he suggest to me to take THE BARN famous pork ribs which they claimed it to be one of the famous dishes. Actually he did suggest me beef but I am not taking any beef so I opt for the ribs.
Before I elaborate more towards the food, let me brief you with the interior. Restaurant is fill with different kind of wines. The interior lighting is a bit like place for a drink. 

Beverages that we consume:

However, we did not order any alchohol but we opt for for some coffee instead:
Ice Latte 

Food that we consume:

Caramelised roasted pork burger - RM27.26
One of my guests is having this and she claimed that the roast pork burger was nice.
The BARN famous pork pizza - RM32.90
Hubby opt for the pizza and decided to order the famous pizza from the house. Hubby did not quite enjoyed the pizza as he is not used to the cheese that used.
Crispy Pork Spaghetti - RM31.02
My gal is having this and she had the difficulty with the crispy pork as she claimed that it is a bit too tough on the crispy part of the pork.
Crispy Pork Penne - RM31.02
BBQ baby back pork ribs - RM55.46
At the end my sister in law and I were having this. As the one she ordered was out of stock. She reckon that the pork ribs she had is a bit tough and had difficulty cutting it.
However mine is not too bad but I would agree that the pork ribs are slightly too dry to our likings. 
Actually before ordered this ribs I did asked the waiter how big was the serve and I was told that it is for one person. It is actually good for 2 persons I think. If we knew the serve is that big we could had share. Luckily, my hubby helped out with the ribs. 
Overall, the services are very attentive. Whoever finished their food, the waiter or waitress will come to clear your plates and drinks. 


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