Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Black Kettle @ Beach Street, Penang.

While taking our guests strolling around Beach Street, Penang. We stopped at the Black Kettle which situated at 105 Beach Street, George Town. It is not far away from Coffee on the table.
We always passed by this shop whenever we passed through Beach Street. When we open the door of this cafe was thrilled to find that they are selling some pastries, buns, cakes and etc. There are lots of choices to choose from. 
They served breakfast too starting from 8:30am. Since we just had our breakfast not long ago, we decided just to sit down having some coffee and catch up with our guests.
Black Kettle
Long Black - RM9
Macchiato (short) - RM9
Caffe Latte - RM10
Cappuccino - RM10
Caffe Mocha - RM11
Overall, the coffee taste nice and my guests were thrilled to have a good cup of coffee here. We will certainly came back to try their pastries, cakes and etc one day. The environment is quite cozy and its one of the places for catch up.


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