Thursday, 1 September 2016

Moody Cow Cafe @ Transfer Road, Penang.

During one of the weekends tea time, one of my friends reckon that we shall give this place a try. Actually, it's a belated birthday celebration for one of my friends. 
Since she would like to have some cakes and a place to catch up, we decided to give this place a try:
Moody Cow Cafe
Address: 170 Transfer Road, Penang.
Business Hour: 11am to 12am everyday
Contact number: +604 - 2262646
Interior Lighting

Counter with menu
That's the menu on the board. 
Varieties of cakes & biscuits choice

Drinks that we consume:

Ice Lemon Tea - RM 7
Liquid lunch - RM9
Combination of apple, carrot, celery and cucumber juice.

Cakes that we savour:

Madness Chempedak 
Macha Madness with Longan 
Overall, if you are a cheesecake lover then I would suggest that you give this cafe a try for their cheesecake. They actually have many different kinds of cheesecake each day. But during our visit, mostly were the Madness Chempedak, Madness Durian, Hybrid and Macha Madness.
We skipped durian flavour's cake as one of my friends is not a durian fan, so we opt for another famous cake - Madness Chempedak. This Madness Chempedak cake has a rich aroma of Chempedak. Chempedak lover you must give this a try! 
As for the Macha Madness. It's something different. Macha with Longan. Very rich aroma in Macha.
Warning: Their cheesecake are really rich in aroma and flavour. For three of us, we can't even finished any of the cheesecake. We still left a lot and I need to take away. Back home, my hubby and gal have a try for both cakes, they favour the Madness Chempedak over the Macha Madness. 
Actually, I am looking forward to their mangoes flavour but unfortunately at the time of visit they don't have any mangoes flavour. However, they have some interesting flavours cake that with century egg + ikan billis, salted egg and etc.
You can visit their Facebook page for new cakes update. Their Facebook page is
The cafe is a bit dimmed. That's my first impression. I walked in and was approached by a guy and asked me how many people to dine in? I told him three. Then he asked if I want to order any drink/food first? I told him can I wait for my friends to come first. Then he said yes and let me seated on one of the tables near to the counter. We are quite satisfy with their services. The only drawback is it took quite a long time for the drinks to be served. I think it's because they have many walk in customers for the take away cakes and cookies.


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