Thursday, 29 September 2016

Xen Teck Cafe @ Pengkalan Weld, Penang.

Occasionally, we will head to Pengkalan Weld to have our breakfast during the weekend. We normally like to go there pretty early as if you come late, normally its hard to get some seats. I always think that I had blogged about this place long time ago as I have been patronising this place for many years.
Anyway, I took this opportunity to introduce you a place for breakfast. They have a great varieties of choice to choose from:

Food that we savour:

Koay Teow Th'ng
We quite enjoy the Koay Teow Soup. Love the broth which really nice and tasty. Occasionally. I will order their been hoon soup as we love the springy vermicelli textures. If you love springy type of vermicelli, please give this a try!

Char Koay Teow

Fried Rice
Char Koay Teow and the fried rice are from the same stall. Love their food from this stall as they cook the food with the exact wok heat (wok hei in Cantonese) needed. Not everytime you get to savour their fried rice if too early. Fried rice from this stall is my princess favorite.
I brought a few visitors here before and they really enjoyed the char Koay Teow from this stall compares to the other.
* Note: I think this stall have changed proprietor since my last visit. The taste has vary.
 Curry Mee
The curry mee here is also not bad. Have the rich aroma of curry. Quiet generous amount of ingredients in it.
Wantan Mee
Sometime I will opt for wantan mee when I wish to have some dry version of noodles. The noodles have a right texture. Not too soft. 

 Hokkien Mee
The hokkien mee is also one of the popular dishes at this coffee shop. Have a nice soup base.
Bak Kut Teh
I like to enjoy a bowl of bak kut teh if we arrive pretty early in the morning. As sometime is very cool due to the seabreeze. With a cool weather and enjoy hot pipping bak kut teh is very enjoying for us. 
I love their bak kut teh soup base and my princess will usually go for the meat ball.
Ban Chang Kuih
Whenever we visit this coffee shop, hubby never failed to order the ban chang kuih. Sometime he will order the normal type, sometime with peanut butter or with bananas. They have lot of choices to choose from but normally I will prefer the normal type or with extra peanuts.Overall, this is one of the favorite morning breakfast places as they have many local delicacies to choose from under one roof.


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