Thursday, 8 September 2016

Penang Street Roti Jala & Roti Jala @ Penang Street, Penang.

Actually, in Penang there are lot of stalls situated in different streets in Penang.
During one weekday morning, hubby and I drop by Penang street to savour some local delicacies. We stopped by:
Penang Street Famous Roti Canai and Roti Jala
Preparing Roti Canai in action
Roti kosong
Hubby normally will tell them to make the roti kosong "garing". As we preferred very crispy textures.
Roti Canai Bawang Telur
Sometime I will opt for roti telur but at this stall its serves with onion as well. The texture of the roti telur served here is very crispy too!
Apart from the roti canai, roti canai bawang telur, they also serve roti Jala. But unfortunately we were quite full and did not ordered that for a try!
Next to the Penang Street Famous roti canai and roti Jala, they serve Nasi Lemak, drinks, bread toast and egg.
Preparing nasi lemak in action
Nasi lemak bungkus
Nasi Lemak
While we were there, they just started to serve the hot pipping Nasi Lemak. That's why we can't resist to give it a try. They are so generous with their nasi lemak sauce. Quite a good try with this stall nasi lemak. 
I just love the simple Nasi Lemak ingredients - sauce ( Nasi Lemak sauce), egg, peanuts and anchovies.
Teh Tarik
We usually will order the tea with less sugar. The tea served here is pipping hot with a nice tea and spice aroma. I believed that they serve us masala tea. 
They also served ginger milk, milk and coffee as well. 
Overall, hubby and I enjoyed our early morning at this stall. And we were fortunate as when we about to leave, there are lot of customers flocking in. Most I believed were those who worked nearby Penang street.


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