Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Northam Beach Cafe

Fish and Chips (from Western Corner) wonder my gal doesn't like the food that she order. Guess what? The fish is terrible...... and it seem like the fish is not properly defrost b4 cook. The smell is terrible.

Salmon sandwich
Well..... this is my meal of the day. Hubby went to order this for me. Hubby try to order this in our last visit but was told that they have sold out the bread. So this time, he insist to order this and try. The taste...... hmmm..... just ok only.
Pumkin soup
Hubby and my gal like this soup. For me, it just taste so-so.
This is hubby meals and forgot what is the dish call.  Anyway, he loves it. And it taste not bad.......
Koay Tiaw Thn'g
Mum and aunt order this and they commented it is so-so only. LOL

Char Koay Tiaw
Aunt and sis in law order this and they enjoy their koay tiaw.


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