Sunday, 31 August 2008

Kiss A Koyotei @ Hutton Lane, Penang

Location: No. 148 Ground Floor, Jalan Hutton, 10500 Penang.
Tel: 04 - 2266272
Business Hour: 11am - 3pm
6pm - 12pm



Hot Chocolate
Apple Juice


Hotate Sushi
The scallop is so fresh......

Kappa Maki
Sashimi Moriawase
wow..... recommended should try this. All very fresh and yummy.

Unagi Set

Unagi Set Miso Soup
Their miso soup is quite special as there are lots of different slice vegetables inside the soup. And it taste very nice.

Kushi Set B
wow.... this is one of my favourite too. It taste "ICHIBAN".

Okonomiyaki Ebi
Have you ever try Japamese PIZZA b4? This is Japanese Pizza. We were recommended by the shop that we should try this as it is very popular. 
So we give it a try and it taste GOOD. You should try it next time you were there but you have to wait for 20 minutes for the pizza to be ready.


J said...

Oh I have never tried this place yet. Although I have tried okonomiyaki many times before in Japan. I love it but it is very filling and rich! Feels so guilty after eating it.~

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