Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Fairwood Cafe

Location: Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim. Sg. Ara. Penang
(It is located few shops away from TYY restaurant)

Fairwood cafe
We notice this shop few weeks ago but did not try it until today. Basically, it is a shop that sell chinese traditional herbal soup. They have wide range of soups. But they only serve few types of soup each day. Today, they serve 9 types of soups. This cafe they also sold economy rice. But we did not try it out since our purpose of this trip is to try out their herbal soup.

Range of soup menu -人參花旗參雞湯, 提神補氣清肺湯, 老黃瓜薏實排骨湯, 百合清潤排骨湯.........

Two big pots
After you have order the soup, the boss will go to this big pot and took out the soup that you order.

Our soup of the day - 提神補氣清肺湯

It taste quite nice and this big pot of soup cost us MYR 18
*******Note: The soups is quite big. Please bring along some friends + families*******


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