Sunday, 24 August 2008

Star Bucks Coffee

Location: E-gate
We went to star bucks to have some coffee since Uncle say he missed some GOOD coffee. It does not mean that this shop coffee is good but it is the nearest that we can think off. LOL
Black Pepper Chicken Pie
Mum actually loves this chicken pie design but she don't dare to try it as she scare of the smell of "MILK" from the pastry. But of of surprise, we kept asking her to try. Then she try a bit and she loves it. LOL In fact it is quite a nice pie.
Chocolate Cake
Mum also reluctant to try this but at the end she tried some and say it taste GREAT. LOL and most of this cake is inside my gal tummy. She loves it very much.
White Coffee
Taste Ok, nothing special.


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