Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Song Yen Seafood ~ Part 2

Since the last visit to Song Yen Seafood, we were told by the auntie to go back and try their other foods. And since my MIL and hubby auntie came over with the niece, we decide to bring them to try it out. Another motive is to order more dishes to try and share with my readers. ^-^
First hubby ordered:
2 different flavours fish
Hubby wanted to order this in our previous visit but was told that it was too big for just 3 of us. ^-^ So this time round, hubby have the opportunity to order this and try........
Closed up version of the deep fried fish with Thai sauces
They found that it is very spicy but yet very nice aroma.
Stir fry vegetables with deep fried fish fillet
They prefer the spicy version than this as they like the aroma of the spicy version.
Next, hubby ordered:
3 cup chickens
Since there are 2 kids dinning with us, we need to ordered something not spicy. And the 3 cup chickens tastes nice and the kids love it very much. As the chicken is very crispy outside and tender inside. And there are lots of basil aroma in this pot of 3 cups chicken.
Seafood Otak
Close up of seafood otak
This is one of the dishes that the auntie recommended. And the seafood otak tastes not bad. And we enjoy the young coconut flesh. It is very cooling. It goes well with the seafood otak. But not every one will enjoyed this dish though as some cannot stand the herbs use in the seafood otak. End up my MIL, hubby's aunt and me are the one who finished it as hubby don't really enjoy having otak-otak.
Watercress Soup
My gal eyes grow big when she heard that they have watercress soup as she loves this soup very much. So she suggests us to have this soup rather than the other kind of soups. ^-^ And the soup tastes nice and I think the 2 kids finished the soup.
Thai Style Tofu
This is also another recommended dish by the auntie. And the tofu is home made and tastes nice. Especially when it is coated with some spicy sauce.
Do drop by the stall when you feel like having some chu - char. And the total bill for the night is RM66.80 with 5 bowl of rice.


Little Inbox said...

I never know they have 3 Cup Chicken. By the way, their seafood otak contains lots of herbs, the source of fiber.

cariso said...

that otak-otak really looks special.

Big Boys Oven said...

OMG! the otak otak casing looks incredible amazing. very creaticve, this definitely my next stop!

Lingzie said...

the seafood otak looks impressive!! and yum! i love 3 cup chicken with lots of basil!! must go liao... :)

thenomadGourmand said...

3 cup chic? aiyooo..dunno wats tht worr..

J2Kfm said...

wah, so cheap lah!
interesting stuffing the otakotak into the coconut.

i think i can almost imagine the heavy herbal hints. I like it though.

SimpleGirl said...

the fish look concept of cooking in 2 different way, can try different way of cooking...not only that, price really reasonable!!

worldwindows said...

I would like to try the otak-otak with ,ots of herbs to see how the intermingling of the taste and smell work.

worldwindows said...

I would like to try the otak-otak with lots of herbs. Interesting to taste and smell the intermingling of the fish and herbs.

ck lam said...

It's nice to see the two different flavor fish...get to taste two type at one time :)

gill gill said...

impressive presentation for the otak. seriously, your kid likes 3 cup chicken? i dont really like that personally, because the thai basil is too

Your meal have fish, chicken, seafood otak, soup....for 5 pax....consider very reasonable leh

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Little Inbox - Yes, they do... When you drop by next time, you try it. ^-^ Yes.... lot of herbs in the seafood otak.

cariso - go and try it if you are otak lover.

BBO - Yes, drop by there when you come to Penang in your next trip. ^-^

Lingzie - yes.... please do visit them and wait to see your review. ^-^
thenomadGourmand - Rebecca, basically chicken cook with lots of basil and wine. ^-^

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

J2Kfm - Then.... drop by and try it out in your next trip here. ^-^

SimpleGirl - yes.... you are right. ^-^

worldwindows - Please try it out if you are in Penang. ^-^

ck lam - yes...... agreed. ^-^

gill gill - I am also surprised leh..... when she is smaller, she even try to eat the basil raw. ^-^ And she ate few when she come across raw basil....... lol Yes, price is very reasonable.

sakaigirl said...

Nyum nyum, i love watercress soup too!! i've tried here before! Absolutely in love with their tomyam style fried tofu! Will definitely come again!

VINCENT said...


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FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

sakaigirl - glad that you love it. ^-^

Vincent - sure.... it's my pleasure. ^-^

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