Monday, 14 June 2010

Koay Teow Thn'g @ Lebuh Clarke, Penang

It's been quite a while that we did not patronise this stall. When you live in food paradise state guess there are too many choices to choose from and you tend to forget some of the foods that you use to patronise. That's what I always think of myself. lol

This place is not stranger to most of the food bloggers. As most of them have blog about this place in the past. I just recalled that I never blog about this. So in my last visit to this shop, I decided to take some photos of the foods and blog about this place.

I still remembered that when we first visited this place. It was hubby ex-colleagued who told hubby about this place. And we searched high and low. Then we came across this stall after we parked our car. lol We usually parked our car along Argyll Road. Then walked across to this stall.

We ordered the following foods for our late breakfast:

Pak Cham Kai with bean sprouts

Since hubby are the great fans of "Pak Cham Kai", he never failed to order one plate of this to go with the KTT. I always enjoy the bean sprouts when it was coated with the fried onion oil and sauces. Their chickens are not too bad.

Koay Teow Thn'g

Each of us ordered a KTT. Including my gal. As she enjoys the soup base very much. And now she started to like koay teow. As previously she will opt for bee hoon (vermicelli) only. Guess she grown up a bit now. ^-^ In the KTT, there are various type of balls ~ such as fish ball and meat ball. And in various size too. It is hard to get so many different types of ball in KTT. And one of their specialty would be:

Meat Ball

This is one of their specialties. Honestly speaking, I did not really like it. But it is very moist. However, hubby loves this very much and usually we will gave him this piece if treasure to him. As both my gal and I found that the meat ball has a very strong aroma. ^-^


New Kid on the Blog said...

where is Lebuh Clarke?? That ball is my all time favourite!!! Must visit already!!

♥peachkins♥ said...

These soups you keep on posting makes me wanna go there!

blowing peachkisses
The Peach Kitchen
peach and things

gill gill said...

There is another good blench chicken in the chowrasta market

Food For Tots said...

Can't find good KTT here. Miss it so much!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

NKOTB - Turn to Argyll road from Penang road and drive further you will see a petrol station on your left. The stall is next to patrol station. You will see Lebuh CLarke. If you cannot find, call me. ^0^

peachkins - Yes, you should come for a visit. ^-^

gill gill - Thanks for sharing!

Food For Tots - You did not come back this holiday? ^-^

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