Thursday, 3 June 2010

Mario Ristorante @ Batu Ferringhi, Penang

When hubby's birthday few months ago, we thought of giving hubby a "surprise". My gal and I booked a hotel around Batu Ferringhi for a night. We only let hubby know about it in the last minute. After all the packing was done secretly. ^-^
I did not booked any restaurant for dinner since not sure what hubby would like to have. During dinner time, hubby decided that he would like to have some Italian Cuisines and thought of trying out
"Mario Ristorante"
Location : 152B Batu Ferringhi, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 8813775

Mario Ristorante Interior
We were politely brought by the waitress to a table. After we sat down, we were given the menu. After browse through the menu, we ordered some juices for our beverage as the weather was so "Hot". Then we have sometime by ourselves to discuss what to have for dinner. ^-^
Kid's Spaghetti Tomato Sauce ~ RM11.50
My gal was having the kid's meal. As she loves spaghetti a lots since small. She enjoyed her plate of spaghetti. She finished it in no time. ^-^
This salads come with the main course. Salads consist of some onion, tomatoes,cucumbers, capsicum, rocket and assorted lettuce and top with balsamic vinegar.
Aglio Olio Baked Tiger Prawn ~ RM78
This is the main course. I was introduced by the waitress that there are some promotion going on that night. Which is this baked tiger prawn. Sound irresistible. Since it's under promotion, I just give it a try. But heard one of the fellow blogger that she had the same dish a week before me was charged very higher price. Since the tiger prawn is charged according to the seasonal rate. ^-^
Ok back to the aglio olio. When this plate of aglio olio baked tiger prawn sit in front of me, I was worried when I looked at the textures of the spaghetti. As I don't like soft spaghetti. But lucky it looks soft but taste vice are ok. But I found that too salty for my liking. I let hubby tried mine and he also found it a bit too salty. As for the tiger prawn, it tastes nice.
Linguine Con Vongole ~ RM29
This is hubby order. The linguine is a bit softer but still taste ok for us. The only drawback was too salty for our liking. The clams were sweet and tasty.
Pizza Hawaiian ~ RM31
We also decide to order their home style pizza for a try. We love thin crust pizza. So we ordered Pizza Hawaiian for a try since my gal loves pineapple. Their thin crust pizza is nice. We enjoyed it very much.


SimpleGirl said...

U must b busy as well, long time didnt see U updating ur blog...welcome back!!!

New Kid on the Blog said...

I was about to comment like SimpleGirl. Looks like wise woman thinks alike. :)

By the way, the Agliio Olio Baked Tiger Prawn is way too expensive leh!! RM78 per plate??!! Per piece also not that expensive leh!!

ck lam said...

A great birthday celebration and the food looks yummy. It's been a while since I last visited the place :)

cariso said...

Chiak kim loh that plate! :)

J2Kfm said...

RM78?! Rather pricey, even with tiger prawns. But then again, as long as they're fresh and succulent enough, everything's good..
Moreover, can't go to hawker stalls for a bday celebration.

taufulou said...

not that good ha..hrmm~

taufulou said...

not that good ha..hrmm~

allie said...

WOw! I wanted to visit this restaurant for quite sometime, but due to budget constraints, it was put on hold. I heard that the mushroom soup is superb here :)

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

SimpleGirl - Yes, been quite busy for the past few months. ^-^

NKOTB - ya.... both of you are wise woman. ^-^

ck lam - It's my first time there. And since hubby wanna try it out, so we give it a try! ^-^

cariso - lol

J2Kfm - Yup, the prawns are fresh. ^-^

taufulou - It depends on different people tastebuds. ^-^

allie - Yes, the soup are popular. But since hubby does not like creamy soup. So I did not order. Else I will be very FULL. lol

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