Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Restoran Chun Fat @ Medan Mayang Pasir, Penang

It's been few years that I did not visited this shop. And we tend to forget about this place. But on one occasion, hubby and I were chatting about foods, one of us mentioned about this place. Hubby used to went there with his colleague many years ago for lunch. As there used to have one post office. So every time when someone need to visit the post office to pay bills, they usually had lunch there.
This is the first time that we brought my gal along. Lucky that she did not complained about the place. As this restaurant is situated in a low cost flat.
So for that night, there are couple of tables waiting. So we had to wait for a while since it is just operated by the husband and wife only. And both are with some age already. So we wait patiently only my gal kept complaint that she cannot wait any further as she was too hungry. :P
Following are the simple dishes we ordered to suits my gal taste buds:
Stir fry kailan with prawns
The kailans are nice and crunchy. My gal loves the kailan stem very much. It is quite unusual for a kid to love the stem only. She prefer the stem than the leafy vegetables. As she loves the crunchy textures. ^-^
Prawn Omelette's
The prawn omelette's have a rich aroma. Loves the smell and there are lots of prawn and spring onion in there.
Fish with bean and soya sauce
The fish was deep fried before hand then coated with the sauce. My gal actually enjoy the fish meat very much. And it is good that kids to have more fish as it helps them grow. lol As I never deep fried fish apart from my hubby. As I hate to deal with the greasy environment. hahhahaa...... Fish are fresh and nice.
Chicken with sesame and soya sauce
Although this is the normal dish but it has many flavours in it. It helps us to recall the foods that mum used to cook for us. A simple chu char but have the home feels.
Their price are very reasonable and the foods are quite big in plate. So it is value for money and the quality is not bad too!


New Kid on the Blog said...

wow... finally see chu char queen back in blogging... welcome back!!! :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

I love everything on the menu!

The Peach Kitchen
blowing peachkisses
peach and things

Little Inbox said...

Oh this place, now many ppl pay bills online already, so their business must be slow down a lot?

SimpleGirl said...

the prawn omelette makes me drool la...so hungry now...

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

NKOTB - hahhaha..... Thanks!

peachkins - Thanks!

Little Inbox - Well, when I dine in, there are 4 tables occuied. So I guessed they still doing quite well.

SimpleGirl - Haahaaaa....

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