Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Langkawi Nature Discovery Tour ~ Day Trip to Langkawi ex Penang Part II

This is the continuing post of Langkawi. After our lunch, we proceed to Oriental Village for Langkawi Cable Car. It shower a little while we were on our way to Oriental Village. We were told that if it's rain or too windy, we were not allowed to travel up the hill by cable cars.
Upon arrival to Oriental Village, we have to hand in our identification to our tour guide to purchase tickets for the cable rides. So we have the opportunity to shop and look around the Oriental Village. After a while, we were told by our tour guide that it was too windy and we were not allowed to go up to the hills. Everyone was kinda down but it was the regulation and we should obey.
I myself went up the hill before few years ago and it was such a nice place to look at the beautiful view. If you in the top station, it is about 708M above sea level. You can stop in the middle station as well.
If you need more information about Langkawi Cable Car, you can have a look of this link.
There were many duckling and fishes inside the pond. And I remembered that my daugther was enjoying feeding the rabbit in the mini zoo. After strolling, we say goodbye to this place and proceed to our next destination ~ KILIM KARST GEOFOREST PARK.
We waited for a while to hop into a boat above. This boat trip will bring you to see the "NATURE" green environment. It was quite a lots of fun for you if you like nature environment a lot. I think it would be thrilled for my daughter if she hop on the boat this boat trip. ^-^
Along the way to the FISH FARM
Other boats to and fro from the Jetty
We stopped at the fish farm to have a look of the fishes. And we were explained by the fish farm staff the nature of the fishes. There were also some fishes feeding. You can try it out if you dare. Photos above are some visitors feeding the STINGRAY. ^-^
Next, we went to the GUA KELAWAR for bat seeing. Inside the cave, you were prohibit to use flash. It's not good for the bats and hope that everyone will obey the rule. ^-^ So that's the best shot i can get inside the caves.
Next........ we went for eagle watching........
More eagles.......
And more.........
After eagles watching, we went to our last stop, that's UNDERWATER WORLD.
This would be fun for those who love animals. There are many sections in there. Such as Fresh Water and Marine Life, Tropical Rain forest Sub- Antarctic Section and .........

Some photos inside Underwater World
We were lucky that we have the chance to view the SEALS feeding & presentation performance. And it was fantastic. Please be aware of the shows time. There are many different times of feeding for other animals as well such as Shark, Freshwater Fishes, African Penguins, Rockhopper Penguins, Otters, Marine Fishes and etc. After that we were proceed to the jetty and waiting to depart to Penang.
Departing to Penang.......
View from the boat deck
Sunset view from boat cabin
This ends our tours. If you like to know more about the tours, please contact:
Langkawi Saga Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd
16 Jalan Tanjung Bungah, Georgetown, 11200 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 604-899 8822
Fax: 604-890 6068
GPS: 6.0654, 100.0433


Food For Tots said...

It's good to get close to the nature. The scenery of the Geoforest Park is so breathtaking. I must plan a trip there one day. ;)

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

FFT - Yes.... you were right. Get close to nature. Perhaps your boy will loves it. ^-^

bumilangkawi said...

Actually,Langkawi also have unique food.. :)

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

bumilangkawi - Yes, I agreed but since this was an arranged trip. We have no time to explore more Langkawi foods. Few years ago, I went there with my families and had awesome foods there. ^-^ Thanks for dropping by.

Discovery Journeys India said...

It's excellent to get near to the characteristics. The landscapes of the Geoforest Recreation area is so spectacular. I must strategy a journey there one day. ;)


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