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YENG KENG HOTEL @ Chulia Street, Penang (Hotel Review)

Penang has classified as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site since 7th July 2008. And since then we had a public holiday on 7th July every year. And you can see around Penang, there are more and more heritage houses and shop lots been refurbish. However, there are many efforts to put into refurbishment of heritage houses and shop lots. Some terms and conditions needs to obey.
Today, I would like to bring you to a tour of Yeng Keng Hotel. It is heritage boutique hotel. It is located at 362 Chulia Street, Penang. If you approaching to Chulia Street from Penang Road at night, you would not missed up this heritage building from your left. As the lights from Yeng Keng Hotel will make you stop and have a look of this place. That's what my first reaction  when I passed by Yeng Keng Hotel few weeks ago.
Before we get started with the tour, let me share with you the history of Yeng Keng Hotel:
This Anglo Indian bungalow building was built around mid 1800's as a private residence to Shaik Eusoffe bin Shaik Latiff an Indian Muslim family. In 1897 trustees of the Cantonese Club 'Ying Han Pit Shu' bought the building on behalf of the association and in 1939 donate to the trustees of the Straits Chinese Building Association. 
In the 20th century, it was a budget hotel. In March 2009,  conservation and upgrading by the present owner, Hoo Kim Properties Sdn Bhd  then renewed its name to Yeng Keng Hotel was completed in April 2010.
Yeng Keng Hotel consist of 20 rooms. Come let me bring you to the tour of the hotel from my blog :
Yeng Keng Hotel Entrance
Before you enter to the hotel itself. You will see some open air area for dinning and also some tables just in front of the entrance building.
This is the upper floor of Yeng Keng Hotel. There are some antique looks furniture's were placed in the lobby area of upper floor. And the photos on the bottom second is the view taken from above towards the ground floor.
We were so honoured to viewed two type of rooms since most of the rooms been occupied by guests. Firstly,  I will lead you to their Chulia Suites which is located in upper floor in Room 202. You can have viewed over looking at Chulia Street.
Chulia Suites
Chulia Suites consists of bedroom and a living room.
When I stepped upon the rooms, I saw the blue wall. I never thought that in my mind, a dark blue wall would be so nice and romantic with the lights on. And the owner also using vaulted ceilings and contemporary furniture's in the room.
Other Amenities includes:
- Flat Screen LCD TV (In bed room)
- Flat Screen LCD TV (In living room)
- 16 Astro Channels & 3 Radio Channels
- One King Size bed (in bed room)
- En-suite bathroom with Toiletries
- Air conditioner
- Coffee and tea making facility
- DVD Player
- Free wifi
Next, is the Yeng Keng Suite........
Yeng Keng Suite is located at the end of the building. In the room 207. It is beautifully decorated with a mix of antique and contemporary furniture.
It is unfortunately that from the above photos that you cannot see well the Chinese characters carving above the living rooms. It is actually represents “Chess”, “Harp”, “Alcohol” and “Room” have revealed that this room was originally utilized as an entertainment room.
above photos show the living room of Yeng Keng Suite. The living room and the bed room was separated with a door. 

The bedroom of Yeng Keng Suites
The amenities included are
-  Flat Screen LCD TV (in room)
- Flat Screen LCD TV (in living room)
- DVD player
- 16 Astro Channels & 3 Radio Channels
- One King Size bed
- Air conditioner
- En-suite bathroom with toiletries
- Coffee and tea making facility
- Balcony

- Free wifi
This is one of the seating area in upper floor where you can overlooking the Chulia Street. Which is also next to Chulia Suites. Here you can chit chat, catch up with friends or guests and also read some magazines provided.
Swimming Pool
And there are swimming pool in the hotel as well.
Other Facilities of the hotel:
- Laundry Service
- Yeng Keng Lounge (serving beverages only)
- Conference room for eight with projector and photo copier
- Restaurant
- Car Park
- 24 hours security surveillance.
If you want to know more about the rates of the hotel, please click here.
There are other rooms available apart from the above mention such as Mansion Double Room, Courtyard Family Room, Courtyard Twin Room, and Garden Suite. More information of the room, you can click here.
Yeng Keng Hotel
362, Chulia Street,
World Heritage City of George Town,
10200 Penang, Malaysia
Tel : +604 262 2177
Fax :+ 604 262 3177
Email :


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