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YENG KENG HOTEL @ Chulia Street, Penang (Food Review)

Few weeks ago, I stepped into Yeng Keng Hotel for "Hainamese Food Feast" with a bunch of friends to catch up and also do some food review. And the following dishes are foods that we were having...........

Spring Roll
The spring rolls consist of crab meat, chicken meat, prawn, black mushroom, yam bean, carrot and onion. It was then stir fry with sauces such as oyster sauce, Lea & Perrines, A1, tomato and HP sauces. The ingredients uses are all in good quality and as well as the sauces.
The price for this spring roll is RM12.00 (per portion of 2 pcs) / RM24.00 for 4pcs. We had the 4pcs portion for our dinner.
It tastes crunchy at the outer part and juicy inside the spring roll.

Hainamese Mushroom Soup - RM10.00 (per portion for one person) / RM45.00 for big bowl serving of 10 persons
This is my first time having this hainamese mushroom soup. This soup contains of button mushroom, livers, gizzards, fermented black bean, chicken, glass noodles and spring onions. When I have the first sip pf the soup, I tasted the strong aroma of fermented black bean. If you like fermented black bean aroma, you will love this.
We had the big bowl serving for dinner.

Yeng Keng Chicken Chop - RM15.00 (per portion for one person) / RM30.00 for serving of 10 persons
I have tried numerous hainamese chicken chop before. This chicken chop in Yeng Keng consist of Chicken Chop with topping of tomato, carrot, cucumber, green pea, sweet corn, onion and button mushroom. It came with french fries and salads too. 
I personally think that the outer part of the chicken chop is a bit salty. However, the chicken is very tender.

Grilled fish with butter sauce -  RM18.00 (per portion for one person) / RM36.00 for serving of 10 persons
The grilled fish with butter that we had is dory fish which imported from Vietnam. Carpers was used on top of the fish. It also came with sauteed potatoes. Overall, it tastes nice but still find the outer layer of the grilled fish a bit salty for my tastes. ^-^ Oh..... I like the potatoes side dish.

Braised Lamb Shank - RM35.00 (per portion for one person) / RM70.00 for serving of 10 persons
The braised lamb shank in Yeng Keng Hotel came with spaghetti. They uses No.11 Le Fonte spaghetti. The spaghetti is cooked to perfection to my liking. Not too soft. And the braised lamb is very tender as well. It comes with carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and roast potatoes. And it's stands out the braised lamb shank. ^-^

Chicken Pie - RM25.00 (per portion for 3 – 5 persons) / RM35.00 for serving of 10 persons (extra filling)
hmm..... this is the first time that I saw the chicken pie wet version. This chicken pie consists of chicken, button mushroom, egg, carrot, sweet corn, onion and black mushroom. It's in fact many ingredients in there as we are having the 10 persons serving.
***** Please note that you need to 24 hours PRE- ORDER this Chicken Pie *****

Ar Or (Braised Duck with Yam) - RM50.00 (half duck) / RM85.00 (whole duck)
Are you fans of  braised duck with yams? You have to give this a try. The yam and the braised duck are very tender. It's easy to consume. For our dinner, we had half duck.
***** Please note that you need to PRE- ORDER this Braised Duck with Yam *****

Inchi Kabin  - RM30 for whole chicken
I found that this is best to go with some beers...... chicken was tender in the interior. This is one of the popular dishes in Yeng Keng Hotel.

Curry Tumis Promfret (Tau Teh Fish) ~ RM100.00 – RM120.00 (Depending on market price)
Usually when we had curry tumis fish. We will have watery types of curry. For Yeng Keng Hotel, theirs are rather thicker than normal. This is the first time that I  had curry tumis in thicker version. There are some debates that some likes dry and some likes wet. ^-^ However, I found that both have it's own flavours to stand out. The fish that we had was promfret for the night. You can choose the different kind of fish available. We were told that the best was stingray. ^-^
The fish for the night was very fresh and cook to it's perfection. Not too dry. Just perfect. If you asked me whether it's spicy? Well, for me, it's still in acceptable range. But for one of my friends, he was sweating rapidly after he consume it. ^-^
***** Please note that you need to PRE- ORDER this Curry Tumis *****

Bomb Alaska ~  RM20.00 per serving (Serves 4 person)
Wow..... to wrap up our dinner. We had desserts........ yippee..... desserts...... that's what most ladies love. ^-^
Have you ever heard of Bomb Alaska? Well, some of you might have and some youngest generation might not even knew it. For me, this is my first time ever heard of it. For those who knows and searching for the Penang Club Bomb Alaska...... don't wait now...... pop into Yeng Keng Hotel to try this out. As the chef was from Penang Club. ^-^
The bomb Alaska is mainly consist of butter cake with cocktail fruits, 4 scoops of ice cream and covered with egg souffle and flambeed with rum.
I found it interesting however, if the butter cake can be more moist, then it would be wonderful. ^-^
***** Please note that BOMB ALASKA is only available for dinner*****

Hotel Manager - Jacky and Chef - Mr. Tan
And it is our honour to have Chef - Mr. Tan and hotel manager - Jacky to be with us to served us during our dinner review.
For reservation, kindly please contact
Yeng Keng Hotel
362, Chulia Street,
World Heritage City of George Town,
10200 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: +604 2622 177
Fax: +604 2623 177
Website: www.yengkenghotel.com
Business Hours: Breakfast from 8.00am – 10.30am,
 Lunch / dinner starts at 11:30am – 10:00pm at night.


SimpleGirl said...

Penang is indeed a heavy for food!!!!!! BTW, I love ichi cabin

peachkins said...

I love everything that's posted..

bing xing (槟星) said...

I was at Yeng Keng in Dec 2010. The Penang Hainanese style food is #1, better than the other Penang Hainanese restaurant on Burma Rd. The Hainanese Chicken pie and Spring Roll are both highly recommended, as well as other food. The ambiance and setting complement the food too. Can't wait to visit Yeng Keng in my next visit to Penang.

bing xing (槟星) said...

Was in Yeng Keng in Dec 2010. The Penang Style Hainanese food is excellent, better than the other Hainanese restaurant on Burma rd. Highly recommended for all who love good food.

Phila said...

Few of us was invited to dine at Yeng Keng , thanks to chef Tan authentic Hainanese cooking , very Penang ! Fantastic ! I shall be back !

pc said...

hi food paradise -- love your post. just wondering if this place is suitable for a birthday dinner?

I'm trying to find a nice restaurant + ambiance (finger likin' good food) for my bf's birthday but am having trouble finding something suitable in Penang.

If you have any recommendations, I'd greatly appreciated! It'll be my first time to Penang. Can't wait.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

SimpleGirl - So your next trip here dont forget to drop by and try it. ^-^

bing xing - It's great that you enjoyed the foods and have a wonderful time there. ^-^

Phila - That's great! ^-^

pc - Thank you! Would you mind email me behkc88@gmail.com as I am not sure whether you want the birthday party to be air condition? And how many people in the party. ^-^

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