Friday, 29 April 2011

YI XIANG BAK KUT TEH @ Macalister Road, Penang

Actually, I have lots and tons of blog posts that always kept under my draft folder which I have no time do it. As I have been MIA for few months. ^-^
Well, hubby been wanted to try out this bak kut teh for a long long time and I did not have the chance to accompany him there as past few months was really hectic months for me. Too many works to be done. So during one outing, we decided to try it out.
Each time we passed the shop we can see that there were many people patronise this shop. When the shop starts operating I saw many coffee shops advertise about YI XIANG BAK KUT TEH.
Come lets me bring you to see, what we had for dinner........
The Big menu of YI XIANG BAK KUT TEH
Choices are listed inside the shops
More choices........
Hot Chinese Tea
We ordered Chinese tea to go with our bak kut teh.
Following are our bak kut teh order. And we are not aware that they are served in the small bowl each. We thought it was the same claypot bak kut teh that we always had. ^-^ And we ordered so many things that filled up the tables........
PAI GU (Spare Ribs)
This PAI GU was served up above a burner. Which will keep the foods hot. And the PAI GU is soft and tender. My gal was reluctant to have pork with tough textures due to her teeth going to fall off. And she enjoys it very much due to the textures.

Feng Chang
The textures of feng chang is tender as well.

Golden Mushroom
This is one of my gal favourites foods. I like the way the golden mushroom immersed with the soup. It brings out another kind of flavours.
Meat Ball
The meat ball was alright and most of the time, when we had bak kut teh, the meat ball will be the first one to finish. As my gal will be the one who search for meat ball. But she rather picky to some of the meat ball. Not all meat ball she will love. ^-^

Ka Geng

Saw this in the menu. And it was hardly get from a bak kut teh shops. So both hubby and I decided to order this for a try. Well, it tastes nice. It has the QQ textures and not too hard either. Just fine for us.

Da Gu

Wow.... when this arrived on our table. My gals exclaimed: "Wow.......look at the size of this, so big!". And we have to "shhh........" to her. As some patrons were looking at us. The pork is very tender and some with the fats part can melt in your mouth. But it's kinda rich after consume some of them. ^-^

Dou Ya
Dou Ya is in mandarin. Which means bean sprout. Hubby comments that the bean sprout is not immersed in the boiling water enough time. As some of them still raw. ^-^

Yu Cha Kuih

Tao Kee
Add on this thought that it will immersed in a big pot of soup. But lucky still can immersed in the small bowl. And tastes were nice.

White Rice
Overall, it was a new kind of experience of us. New way of bak kut teh feast. 
If you like a very thick soup base type of bak kut teh, you might love this. And all the soup base was very thick. If you like to have watery soup base of bak kut teh, you might not enjoying this like my hubby. As he loves having soup. ^-^ The total damage to the bill was bit too expensive from the ordinary bak kut teh. ^-^


wenn said...

BKT is ever so nutritious!

New Kid on the Blog said...

find this a bit over price...
in fact, i tried once, then after I took 2 days MC... had fever and vomit. suspect food poisoning. :(

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

wenn - hhahaaaa.... ^-^

NKOTB - Poor you. I know how's it like being food poisoning. Well, after we consumed, it's ok. But I agreed with you that their price are rather bit too high for BKT. ^-^

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