Saturday, 9 August 2014

Bridge Street Hokkien Mee (桥头福建面)

Bridge Hokkien Mee  (桥头福建面) 
Location: 533 Beach Street, Penang.
This place is quite easy to find. But it's took me long time to visit this place and blog about it. Most of the time, if I am on my way from town area to Bayan Lepas area, I would have passed this area.
The first time, I visited this shop, I tried their hokkien mee. After the first sip of the hokkien mee, I told hubby that my gal would like this. Perhaps can tag her along next time. Another thing about this hokkien mee is that you add the chili pastes yourself. Usually each table will provide you a ketchup stored bottle. Which they put their chilli pastes inside. So you can add as much chilli pastes as per your liking.
Those who cannot take too spicy hokkien mee, this would be an alternative suggestion. The broth itself has the strong aroma of prawn and the sweetness from the prawn itself. 

Bridge Hokkien Mee
                                                Hokkien Lor Mee
During the second visit, we tag along my gal to try the hokkien mee. And My hubby opt for the hokkien lor mee. Perhaps the next visit would try the pure lor mee.
(* Picture taken from my hand phone*)
After your meal, perhaps you can walk a few steps and took the following Penang's Street Art from the wall:


Small Kucing said...

i love hokkien mee/prawn mee but not har mee

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