Sunday, 17 August 2014

LAVINO CAFE @ Cameron Highlands, Pahang.

During the Raya break, we decided to go for a day trip to Cameron Highlands. Just to escape the hot weather. We stopped by Ming Court for dim sum then headed straight to Cameron Highlands. 

Bharat Tea Plantation

We drove straight to Tanah Rata. We stopped at Bharat Tea Plantation for a cup of tea and refreshing ourselves with a cool weather looking at the beautiful tea plantations. Kinda relaxing with not many patrons around as its quite early. 
Enjoying hot tea and relaxing!
Then we stopped by few places buying some cherry tomatoes, petai, oranges, strawberry and assorted different vegetables.
We shopped at the "market" too! Then we stopped by Lavino Cafe for lunch.


This cafe just open its door few months ago. The whole building of this cafe actually attracts many customers. Which including us! It looks like the "China Fujian " Clan House.
Interior and exterior of Lavino Cafe
Lavino menu

Mango Peach ice - cream cheese cake
We ordered this desserts since it shown in the menu that "The Must Try Desserts". Actually my gal would like to ordered strawberry flavour. Then I told her that perhaps we try the mango peach since just had the fresh strawberries before that. And she said "Yes...... try something different then!" 
This is the first dish being served since it's all prepared in their freezer, where you can see several flavours line up on their freezers. While we were in Lavino, it seems like begin to rain, strong winds while we were sitting inside eating this ice - cream cheese cake. 
FoOd PaRaDiSe verdict : You can give it a try! Something different. We enjoyed it!
Chicken Bolognese Pasta
My daughter had this. When this dish being served to her. She start smiling. Then after she ate, she smiles again. I knew the answer. She then asked the daddy, would you like to try? hahhahahhaa....... in term of food I think they still have more rooms to improve.

Curry Chicken Rice and Rendang Chicken Rice
As for the curry chicken and rendang chicken, they served the same type of rice, sambals, peanuts and egg. The only different is the curry chicken and rendang chicken. The rice is certainly better than the chicken bolognese pasta.
FoOd PaRaDiSe verdict: It is a place to sit down, rest and relax. The ice - cream cheese cake is quite nice. Curry Chicken and Rendang Chicken Rice is just ok.


Small Kucing said...

hgave not visited Cameron Highland for quite some time....gotta go there again soon

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Small Kuching - Yes, you should. :)

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