Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Water Crest Valley @ Tringkap, Cameron Highlands

Another food that we tried in Cameron Highlands is
Water Crest Valley
Location: Lot UT/KF/F 160, 159 Jalan Besar Batu 44, Tringkap 39100, Cameron Highlands.
 Location map:
I have dined in this place twice. Once in 2011 and other in October 2013. The food was the same as we last tasted.


 For our first trip there, we visited their water cress farm. Brought along my gal and let her know how watercress growth. Since she loves watercress soup very much. 
After browsing through the farm and some explanation from the management there, we proceed for some food.

Water Cress Farm


Here you can either do for the charcoal steamboat or you can go for their chu char. But we were attracted by their charcoal steamboat. Hubby loves steamboat very much. And with the cold weather in Cameron Highlands, it is quite a good choice to choose steamboat. 
Following was the steamboat that we ordered:

Above were the steamboat packages that we ordered. Well, it is really a big served for two people. You will definitely full after this meal.
Charcoal Steamboat
Actually I never tried watercress drinks before. Most of the time, we will just having watercress soup. Here they got different types of watercress drinks. 
We tried the following:

For the first sip, it seems a bit weird. But after sipping further you will get use to the drinks. Quiet an interesting drinks to try!


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