Saturday, 6 October 2007

Breakfast @ Fook Cheong Cafe

Location: Hutton Lane, Penang

Each time we pass this coffe shop it usually pack with people. Once we park our car and walk into this cafe we could not find a place to seat. So we left. Since this morning we are early so we go and check out this cafe. Finally, we have place to seat. So 1st we order Bee Chai Bak Thn'g and Bee Hoon Thn'g as claim to be very popular in this cafe. So half way thru my gal say she want my Bee Hoon so i ask hubby to order Curry Mee 4 me as i saw some tables away from us having it and it looks nice so i decided to try.

This cafe Curry Mee is quite special - the chilli paste is different from others. And it taste GOOD! For me to rank the food between Bee Hoon Th'ng and Curry Mee. I choose - CURRY MEE! For hubby and my opinion, we think other shops Koay Tiaw Th'ng is much better. The reason that this cafe is packed with people is because they are CHEAP compare to other cafe. The Bee Chai Bak Thn'g and Bee Hoon Thn'g big bowl plus additional ingredients only cost $2.80 each and the curry mee is only $2.20 and it looks big and with many ingredients inside.


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