Saturday, 27 October 2007

Kedai Kopi Genting

Location: Lorong Delima, Island Glades, Penang
Address / Direction: Corner shoplot of Lorong Delima 6 and Lorong Delima 3. Opposite the Hamid Khan School Field.
Business Hour: 7.00am to 3pm

Chee Chong Fun
Exterior look of Nasi Lemak.
Interior look of Nasi Lemak.
Hubby took his economy rice photo but i accidentally deleted. hahahaha.....
I recommend that you should try out this Chee chong fun. Their sauce is very special.
Nasi Lemak is not bad. Worth to try! Oh yeah the uncle selling this Nasi Lemak is a Malay but he speak fluent Hokkien or Mandarin. His Nasi Lemak is freshly wrap from his stall. Sometime you have to wait 4 a while and you can even add some other dishes. But i had the normal nasi lemak- ie. Half boiled egg, ikan billis, sambal and rice.


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